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Blue Bubbles – let’s learn swimming by playing, group activities for parents and children from 6 months old to 6 years old.

Every day our children learn something new. The ability to assimilation new things is a natural feature of every child.

Learning to swim is a combination of whole body training, general development activities, and also learning to cooperate with other children and adults. Bożena Wicha, a swimming instructor and a high experienced diver, invites parents and children to learn swimming by playing.

As an instructor she has many years of experience with children in this type of activities. For almost a decade, she was professionally involved.

Learning to swim is above all – fun – says Wicha – but also social, emotional and health development. It is not easy to find something better that soothing water, which positively influences the child’s development, its muscular-skeletal structure and physical fitness.

The activities are ongoing half an hour.

Benefits, especially for infants are:

  • strengthening of the muscular system,
  • eliminating any muscle tension,
  • speeding up the process of crawling and walking.

For the parent, these are the moments only with the child, without telephones or e-mails. Moments, when you can joyfully watch the progress of your kids. And I have heard many times that after these classes the children have calm down and moms  finally have a chance to relax for a while 🙂


  1. Swimsuit for you and your baby
  2. Diaper for swimming for your baby
  3. Slippers and towels for a parent and children.
  4. Cosmetics for yourself and for the child (soap, olive, etc.)
  5. A diaper for a change.
  6. Snack after swimming class


  1. Do not use olives or creams on body of your child before class
  2. Do not feed your children later than half an hour before class.

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