For over 5 years, our diving center Delphinus, has been inviting its guests to explore and admire the underwater world.
We are located in Playa Blanca in the south part of Lanzarote, very near to Playa Flamingo beach.  Just a few meters from the shore the shoals of sardines, gold lined seabreams, barracudas like arrows or angel sharks are commonly spotted.

What is it Diving?

Why do we DIVE?

What do we need for Diving?

Let’s start form the end – for diving we need 2 things: willingness to have an exciting adventure and an ability to breathe, that’s it! Seriously

On the surface all of us use air for breathing. And what about underwater, how can we breath? Underwater we also use air which is compressed in tanks. And tanks, regulators and all necessary equipment is provided by us.

Why do we dive? Because underwater there are fish and animals  that probably you’ve seen only in National Geographic Channel. So if it’s easier seating on comfortable couch and watching amazing views on the TV screen, why do we  put tight neoprenes on and carry heavy tanks? Because inside the deepness of oceans we find silence and peace. That single moment, when we are underwater, we can focus on ourselves. It’s just ourselves.

And these moments are absolutely unique and priceless in this crazy and rushing world. We feel completely free of daily problems or annoying phone calls.

That moment you listen to your own breath, your heart. Therefore it lets us rest our heads and slow down. This is some kind of meditation, being here and now.

Diving also allows us to feel special, unique. With our own eyes we watch a theatre performance, where various types of fish or other underwater animals are great actors.

Diving program we would like to offer you it’s recreation diving. Your safety is our priority:

  • Underwater you are always with you private, individual instructor, „one to one” Instructor is absolutely focused on you, holding your hand and checking up on you all the time while underwater.
  • We dive from the shore and the entrance to ocean is very comfortable. You DO NOT jump to the water from a large boat. Just softly walk to the water from the beach.
  • You don’t carry heavy diving equipment. Everything waits for you in the shallow water, when you are in the water, instructor helps you to put everything on.
  • Recreation diving is for everyone over 8 years of age.
  • Please don’t forget: swimming suit, towel, flip flops, and a banana!:). Why banana? You will find out on your dive day 🙂
  • Don’t worry about transport. We will pick you up from hotel in the morning and after diving we will drop you off to your hotel around lunch time.
  • Our fantastic team will have coffee and tea ready for you.

Our offer:


  • BUBBLEMAKER (€59) – This program is dedicated for children between  8-10 years old. This dive allows your children to immerse in confined waters (Playa Flamingo bay. The max  depth is 3m. It is an amazing opportunity to experience underwater breathing,  watch fish behaviors and be close to nature. None biology class will give your kids so much knowledge and experience as they can see immersing in the ocean.
  • INTRO (€75) – above 10 years old – no upper age limit. We take you on an underwater trip up to 6m depth. Under the watchful eye of the instructor, you dive and admire how amazing and beautiful nature can be.
  • DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING DSD (€85) – That is the true discovery of diving rules and safety. It is also an introduction to the OWD course, which can be done within 3 days. This is a 12 m depth dive with exercises, which are required for a diver course. This allows you to feel more conscious and independent under water. Ofcourse, you do it under the supervision of an instructor who watches you closely and takes care about your comfort  and safety.
  • PADI SCUBA DIVER PSD (€225 + €55 certificate) – a diving course completed with a certificate that allows you to dive to max 12m depth, with a PADI professional. The certificate is honored all around the world . The course is done within 1.5-2 days. The course includes a theoretical and practical part – 3 confined water dives and 2 opens water dives.
  • OPEN WATER DIVER – OWD (€375 + €55 certificate) – this is a course which let you reach a depth of 18m. The same as  PSD course, after completing a course you will receive a certificate honored all around the world with no expiration date. After this course you are independent diver. The course is done within  3 days of your holiday. Apart from the theoretical part, there is a practical part including 5 confined water dives and 4 open water dives.


Depending on your certificate, we can offer various dive sites. And on the map of Lanzarote there is a lot of diving spots- from MUSEO ATLANTICO, through PLAYA FLAMINGO, PLAYA CHICA or MALA.

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