Private Tours Lanzarote


Lunar paradise in the middle of the ocean 



The place of crushing the element of earth: wind, water, fire Sun and… A thousands of secrets. 

My vision….
Here you can find amazing smells, people, Volcanoes, palm trees, colors, sunrises and sunsets, essential vine, traditional food with never ending versions of tapas. 
This is the place where the stars falling down just straight to next our feet. 
Lanzarote it is mine place on the earth. I have lived here for few years and every day I can, still, discover something new, New places, people, tests. And with this experiences of mine I would like to share with you and invite you into the unknown, showing you as much as possible. And it will not be only  typical tourist attractive, for sure.
Why I wish to do it – the reason in one – because I love this place.
But – under one condition  – no massive excursions, just only you, Your family, Your friend and me. 
Simply – we meet, talk and set what you want to visit, what you must to see and what you can to give a miss. And in this intimate atmosphere I will take you on excursion, unique that others. 

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